This week 9/25 - 10/1/2011 there was one atempted break in on Douglas Rd and one break in on Diana Trail. The break in on Diana Trail happened between 7 and 9 in the evening while the residents were home. The thief climbed onto a porch roof, removed a window air conditioner and got into the home. The alarm was on at the time.
If anyone saw anything suspicious, please contact us.

On Friday afternoon 5/27/11, a resident of Wilson View Place saw a man in his back yard.  He asked the person what he was doing there.  The person said that he was selling candy, then left immediately, in a Red Honda.  The resident called one of our EHA security representatives and the NYPD. We checked the cameras and were able to get a license plate.  We gave the plate number to the NYPD and an arrest was made within the hour.  

They will be questioning this person to see if he is involved with the numerous burglaries on Emerson Hill and Todt Hill.

May 2011, there have been incidents of items stolen from people’s cars this month. The cars were not broken into, but left unlocked. We have a picture of an individual checking door handles to see if vehicles were left unlocked.

Please keep your vehicles locked at all times, and call 911 if you see suspect individuals roaming our hill.

No Parking Signs

Larry Lettera and Joe Intreglia met with the DOT Borough Commissioner Tom Cacola, Councilman Oddo, and the FDNY to discuss the No Parking signs.   The FDNY insisted that we require 38 foot wide roads to safely park on the street. They convincingly demonstrated that with a car parked on one side of the street, a firetruck could barely get by.  As "our" safety is their main concern, the parking signs would remain up.
We are continuing our efforts to try and resolve this issue.


Members of the Emerson Hill Civic Association went to a meeting on May 13, 2009  with the Police Department Deputy Inspector along with the Iron Mine Civic Association who had representatives from Todt Hill, Grymes Hill, Lighthouse Hill and Dongan Hills.

The discussion was about the "Ninja" burglar.  The Inspector stated that since July 2008 there have been 18 burglaries in these areas. Most of the burglaries occurred between 7pm and 1am, and the burglar obtained access through an OPEN second floor window majority of the times. The Police have stepped up patrol of marked and unmarked vehicles in these areas as well as other steps that they did not want to divulge.  I feel that they are being proactive in trying to capture this criminal.
The police suggest the following, Keep all windows, doors and garage doors closed. If you have an alarm system, keep it on at all times. He strongly suggested motion detector lights around your home as a deterrent.  A good majority of these burglaries have happened to homes bordering the green belt.
We should all be vigilant in observing any strange occurrences on our hill and report them to 911. The Emerson Hill Civic Association will keep in contact with the police department and keep you posted on this web site.

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